WG Resolutions provides workplace investigation, mediation, and training services to help organizations understand, address, and prevent misconduct and conflict at work.

Whether you need to fulfill a legal obligation to investigate a complaint, or a moral obligation to improve your workplace culture, WG Resolutions has the expertise you need to help people work better, together.

William Goldbloom JD, Q. Med

William Goldbloom, principal and founder of WG Resolutions, is an experienced workplace investigator, trainer, and mediator. He provides clients with effective and affordable resolutions to workplace conflict and misconduct. He balances his innate curiosity about how people work together with neutrality and humility.

William has conducted investigations for clients in various industries including tech, media, healthcare, non-profits, municipalities, manufacturing, shipping, and education. In 2021, William was appointed to the Government of Canada’s national roster of workplace harassment and violence prevention investigators.

He has provided training on preventing workplace harassment and conducting investigations across Canada. He is an engaging presenter for a range of learners. He has trained executives, high school students, farmers, and medical professionals.

William is a Qualified Mediator with the ADR Institute of Canada and received training in workplace restoration by the International Institute of Restorative Practices.

Prior to founding WG Resolutions, William was a workplace investigator and trainer at a renowned workplace investigation law firm. He started his law practice as an employment and labour lawyer at an international law firm.

  • JD, University of Toronto, 2015

  • MA, York University, 2011

  • BA, University of British Columbia, 2009


WG Resolutions helps organizations investigate complaints and incidents of harassment, bullying, discrimination, sexual harassment, sexual violence, physical violence, poisoned work environments, incivility, conflicts of interest, reprisal, and other workplace policy violations.

Focused on Resolution
WG Resolutions assesses each new matter to create a legally sound, proportionate investigation process focused on resolving the issues at the heart of the complaint. The investigation process will reflect the nature of the complaint or incident, the relationship between the parties, and your workplace culture to ensure that the fact-finding process does not unduly impact the parties or your workplace.

Flexible with Fees
WG Resolutions wants to ensure that you can effectively allocate resources when you need to conduct an investigation. WG Resolutions offers a variety of alternative fee arrangements, including flat fees, for all matters.


Whether there is a legal claim that needs to be resolved, a working relationship gone awry, or a group of employees divided by interpersonal conflict, mediation can offer the opportunity to have safe, difficult conversations to help people gain a better understanding of each other's interests and create a mutually beneficial solution.

WG Resolutions offers mediation services for all types of interpersonal conflict and legal claims in the workplace.


Sometimes employees have concerns about their workplace culture but are reluctant to raise a formal complaint. An assessment can provide insight into these concerns while protecting the identity of the employees who expressed them.

WG Resolutions conducts assessments to help organizations improve their workplace culture and can assist with any or all of the following steps in the assessment process:

Process Design
Deciding what questions need to be asked, who should be asked these questions, and the method for asking them (confidential surveys, focus groups, and/or interviews).

Information Gathering
Disseminating surveys, conducting interviews and focus groups, and summarizing the information gathered in an organized and accessible report.

Suggesting solutions that are practical and reflect evidence-based research on workplace management and organizational behaviour.

Fulfilling a plan to implement the recommendations in a way that is supportive, efficient, and meaningfully addresses the concerns identified by employees.


WG Resolutions provides engaging training for organizations, with interactive exercises and accessible legal content, that leaves participants with a better understanding of how to identify and address workplace harassment and interpersonal conflict.

Practical Courses
WG Resolutions provides in-person and online training on helpful topics for your workplace, including: preventing workplace harassment and discrimination, cultural dexterity in the workplace, consent in the context of sexual violence, and informal conflict resolution.

Bespoke Content
WG Resolutions adapts its training to your workplace's specific policies and audience, whether they are employees, managers, or human resources staff. Course materials include real cases from your industry to ensure the training is relevant and impactful.


WG Resolutions periodically publishes insights on the law of workplace investigations and updates to our training courses and other services.
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